Tech Talk: Vision Creation for Research and Technology

On Thursday, 12 April 2018, Loft LLC co-founders Jeanette Numbers and Gregor Mittersinker spoke to SENEDIA’s Tech Talk audience about their company and the work they are doing to “launch products that launch businesses.” From devices, applications and companies, LOFT crafts products, services and solutions to drive long-term business growth and to create brand awareness.  A copy of their presentation can be found here:  Loft Tech Talk Presentation – April 2018

Loft brings together designers, engineers, developers and strategist to bring ideas to market.  Their approach is grounded in collaboration, design thinking, cooperation, engineering, and creativity.  Their multi-disciplinary team originally focused on medical and consumer markets, and now has branched out into Defense applications. Together, the team’s collective expertise is “outsourced development” with services that include, research and strategy, product design, experience design, engineering, brand development, packaging design, retail representation, brand management, and business analytics.

Loft has tackled design and product challenges involving project platforms using mass spectrometry, military grade analyzers, automotive interfaces, speaker sound and interface technology, a personalized temperature comfort system, and a fuel tracking system.  Loft helps entrepreneurs and established brands launch new ventures and develop innovative products.  Their process spans design to development, using the “Sling Shot” method to collaborate and create.  Sling Shot supports rapid design and development timelines and economical scope, focusing on quick test, evolution, visualization, technical feasibility, market potential, and compelling business cases.  Loft looks for a quick path to commercialization.

Loft seeks to work with the “mavericks and doers” inside companies looking to explore, diversify and/or grow.   They recognize the steps that are required to promote and develop ideas so that they turn into tangible results.  Loft works to see that products and plans get past the goal line, resulting in getting the product onto shelves.   Loft employees consider themselves “advisors, coaches, colleagues, and confidents all rolled up into one.”

Loft’s latest plans are to secure real estate for an accelerator space in Providence, RI where companies can come to explore and develop ideas, and work collaboratively with Loft teams.  Their vision is to make the space available to SENEDIA members with preferred access.

Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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