Tech Talk: National Institute of Undersea Vehicle Technology

During this Tech Talk, the National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology (NIUVT) Executive Director Erik Brine shared an overview of this new partnership between the Universities of Connecticut and Rhode Island, government, and industry.

Undersea dominance is an enduring capability that is a key foundation of our national defense, as articulated by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Chief of Naval Operations. That dominance is now under threat by the reemergence and rise of near-peer adversaries.  The U.S. government does not have the ability to direct industry or academic investment in the ways some competitors do so instead, it must find innovative ways to incentivize collaboration, cooperation, and investment between government, industry, and academia in order to compete and stay ahead of growing threats.  The National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology is one of these innovative efforts that can align investment across government, industry, and academia for U.S. national security and national economic advancement. 

Presentation can be found here: NIUVT Tech Talk Presentation

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