Tech Talk: Microsoft Support to the Maritime Digital Community/Navy Technology Ecosystem

This Tech Talk, on Tuesday 3 October, provided an overview of Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud “differentiators” (AI infused everywhere) and Tactical Edge support. It highlighted the Azure Ashore/Azure Afloat capability in support of the maritime community (hybrid architecture with Azure/Azure Stack/Azure Sphere/AI/IoT.)   Also discussed was an overview of Microsoft’s engagement with the DoD Digital Transformation effort, highlighting some of Microsoft’s non-traditional and innovative recent engagements with DoD.

Microsoft has a long history of delivering software (and hardware) solutions to the DoD and their related industry community. Their DoD technology portfolio focuses on delivering mission-critical insights and digital transformation at the speed of need to warfighters at the tactical edge. Microsoft provides secure, policy compliant and high-performance platform technologies to the DoD that span from the hyperscale cloud to the tactical edge. Microsoft has deep experience delivering AI, ML and Cognitive Services required to master complexity in a multi-domain combat environment. Microsoft is a proud member of the maritime digital community and US Navy technology ecosystem.

The primary presenter was John Mills, a lead Technology Strategist for Microsoft’s Department of Defense business where he focuses on delivering advanced technologies to warfighters. His most recent efforts include adapting cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to generate insight for military personnel and enhance operational outcomes.  In addition, Mr. Mills current role allows him to be a bridge between the Microsoft Research AI Team and the various forward leaning DoD S&T / R&D entities.

Presentations from the Tech Talk:  Cognitive_Services_Containers  DevSecOps Software Stack Intelligent Edge DoD 


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