SENEDIA Tech Talk: Victory Over and Across Domains

The March 2019 SENEDIA Tech Talk featured Jennifer McArdle, a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and an Assistant Professor of Cyber Defense at Salve Regina University.  She discussed her recent report:  Victory Over and Across Domains:  Training for Tomorrow’s Battlefields.  This was also a Rhode Island Women in Science and Engineering Event.

The discussion focused on current and future cyber and informationized training for the non-cyber warfighter and gave insights to the initial recommendations as to how training systems, scenarios, models, and simulations can evolve to better reflect the complexities of a rapidly changing information-rich combat environment.  SENEDIA Tech Talk Victory Over and Across Domains Slides.

Today’s U.S. military is an information-dependent force, one that is wholly reliant on information communication technology (ICT) for current and future military operations. The adaptation and integration of ICTs into weapons platforms, military systems, and concepts of operation has put the battle for information control at the heart of military affairs.

Jennifer currently leads a research project exploring simulating computer network operations in the military’s synthetic training environment. Her research interests include cyber power, military training and readiness, and military innovation. Her work has been featured in Real Clear WorldThe Cyber Defense ReviewNational Defense Magazine, and War on the Rocks, among others. She serves on Congressman James Langevin’s Cyber Rhode Island Advisory Committee.   She previously worked at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, where she served as a contractor for the Department of Defense, Defense Microelectronics Activity on cyber hardware and supply chain security. She has also held positions at the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the U.S. National Defense University, in addition to working in New Delhi, India at two defense research institutions.  She is currently a PhD candidate in War Studies at King’s College London and the recipient of the RADM Fred Lewis (I/ITSEC) doctoral scholarship in modeling and simulation.

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