Webinar on Future of USMC and Where Small Business Can Play A Role

As part of the Small Business Webinar Series and Doing Business with the Department of the Navy, a webinar on “The Future of USMC and Where Small Business Can Play A Role”, was held on Thursday, July 9th. The Guest Speaker was Mr. William S. Williford III, SES, Executive Director-Marine Corps Systems Command. The DON Command Speaker was Mr. Kyle Beagle, Small Business Director (MCSC).

The basis of the webinar is how the Marine Corps will be moving forward in the future by 3 topics:
1. Sensors – how do we sense the targets out there without being spotted
2. Command and Control – how do we command control of the assets
3. Weapons Engagement – how do we do weapons engagement of these targets going forward in the future. Not short range engagements, but long range engagements.

Going forward, you’ll hear more what the Marine Corps is getting into with:
1. Long range precision fires
2. Air & missile defense
3. Electronic warfare
4. Spectrum warfare

This is a really opportune time to do business with the Department of Navy and Marine Corps. To learn more, view the full webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NME5MpTLX0!

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