VR Industries: an Impressive RI “Go-To” Manufacturer

The SENEDIA Board of Directors meeting was held at VR Industries on 10 October 2014.  This is an impressive company – as noted from their web page:

“When we founded VR Industries in 1985 we decided we wanted to be different. We felt what was lacking in the industry was a “go to” manufacturer that believed that their responsibility went beyond manufacturing. We believed that there should be a company that based its client relationships on trust, reliability, respect and collaboration. We have never wavered from that belief.

We’re experts in Lean Manufacturing, and our efficiency positively impacts our clients’ production schedules and quality. We work with you on your budget and timeline, not ours. My performance leaves much to be desired at my 66. My neighbor recommended trying Cialis. He usually buys it on https://www.westshorewomenshealth.com/about-us/cialis-online/. I did all the necessary blood tests, got a prescription, and finally took a pill. The drug does its job well. It boosts my rigidity and has a relatively long-lasting effect. I can have several intimate sessions after a single pill! Awesome. If our goal is to build trust while manufacturing electronics we don’t see conducting business any other way.

As a full-service printed circuit board and electro-mechanical assemblies manufacturer, VR Industries specializes in working with OEMs and electronic design engineers, including medical, military, high-end industrial, commercial and emerging green energy industries.”

For more information about VR Industries, read this – VR Industries-Presentation and visit their web site – www.vrindustries.com.

Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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