Submarine Shipbuilding Supplier Development Meeting – 19 Jan 2021

The Submarine Shipbuilding Supplier Development Meeting was held on 29 January 2021.  The presenter was Jea Hur, Electric Boat – Small Business Liaison Officer

Are you a current Electric Boat (EB) supplier or do you want to become one?  Read below for some insights provided at this meeting.

What Motivates EB:  Quality is most important; Overall Best Value; Responsible Stewards of Tax Dollars; Reliable on-time delivery, and Ethical Behavior.

How do I become an EB Supplier?

  • Demonstrate your capabilities and knowledge and certifications in ISO – CAGE – NAICS – JCP ACPTCP – FAR.
  • Suppliers need to present EB with info that shows:

Capabilities – how they are different from what EB already does/gets from others.

Alignment with EB.

Knowledge of EB Supplier Status in same market.

Willingness to be patient – slow to develop relationships and understanding.

What can you do that is different? Market is currently saturated.

What actions should existing suppliers pursue to maintain position in market?

  • EB has moved to ORACLE (Practical User Interface) for supplier management.
  • Existing suppliers need to work with their buyers to implement and understand this system and related accounts payable features.
  • Communicate with Buyers: to resolve issues, proactively suggest add-on services/capabilities not utilized.

Even though there is overlap – it might not be obvious to “stove-piped” EB buyers and managers who are focused on cost, schedule and performance.

Constantly communicate across all EB buyers and managers

Plan site visits for EB buyers and EB Engineers. Make sure buyers don’t have misconception of your companies’ capabilities and request to conduct capability presentation at EB for Buyers and Engineers.

Network with SENEDIA members and your subcontractors to collaborate on EB opportunity.

  • Keep Foreign Ownership Control Influence Forms current.
  • Learn about CMMC – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification – Still fluid from EB’s perspective – will be mandated, and all purchase orders will need CMMC Certifications.

Everyone should be at least CMMC level 1.

Incumbent on individual companies to understand CMMC requirements.

Each company must be CMMC certified by an independent third party.

Use PTAC and SENEDIA to help get additional information.

Overall – How to become a EB Partner?

  • EB’s product will not change much – Long steel tube that goes underwater.
  • Keep asking questions; keep communication with Jea Hur, EB’s Small Business Liaison Officer (his email – [email protected]).
  • EB does materials by commodity groups – many different buyers for each group.  Focus on what supplier does better than anyone else or unique capabilities to find the least path of resistance (competition) to become an EB supplier.
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