SENEDIA Member Spotlight: Critical Prism Defense LLC

What is your company’s history?

Critical Prism Defense LLC was established in October 2018 by Paul Netopski as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) to provide cybersecurity consulting services for the defense industrial base. The business started when a former coworker contacted me asking for cybersecurity guidance at their robotics manufacturing company. They were unable to find local cybersecurity expertise to help their business understand cybersecurity. I offered to visit and provide training to their executive leadership and to help guide their manufacturing business towards understanding the federal government requirements for cybersecurity. That initial interaction led their senior leadership to take more interest in cybersecurity, and they asked me to provide some more assistance. I offered to start up my business and they could be my first client! I had engaged with them regarding secure software development, secure product engineering, risk management, employee security awareness and training, and developing strategic cybersecurity roadmaps. To remain flexible and agile I decided to maintain a single person business structure so businesses know who they are getting for services and they will have comfort in the quality of services. Cybersecurity is more than just a technical implementation of products, it involves full lifecycle management from capturing contracts, financing, strategies, planning, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of products.

What services and/or products does your company provide?

I provide consulting and services in the cybersecurity domain. The consulting and services revolve around Cybersecurity Engineering, Cybersecurity Assessments, and Information & Communications Technologies Supply Chain Risk Management for traditional IT systems and product lines being engineered or delivered to the Department of Defense. My Cybersecurity Consulting services range from strategies for the organization, training, understand staffing needs, integration of products and matchmaking between service providers and the client. I do have agreements to provide some software products as a reseller that assist in solving some of the common challenges for small business.

Why do you consider membership in SENEDIA valuable?

I heard about SENEDIA through another business and they had mentioned that they had obtained many of their employees through that relationship because of the internship programs offered. When I looked into SENEDIA more, they had a lot to offer for businesses in the defense industrial base to include networking, maritime cybersecurity, undersea technology, jobs, veteran placement programs and much more. I thought this would provide me an opportunity to give back to the profession and industry while also allowing me to hopefully grow my business. One of my clients at that time was performing quite a bit of work specific to undersea warfare, which I thought would assist with me providing a matchmaking opportunity as well.

If a company wants to do business with yours, whom should they contact?

Myself, Paul Netopski, [email protected], 833-33PRISM (business), 413-209-0682 (cell),

Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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