Member Spotlight: Patrona Corporation

Hear from SENEDIA’S members what services/products they provide and why membership to SENEDIA is valuable to them.

What is your company’s history?
Patrona Corporation
is a small business founded in 2005. Patrona has a history of providing programmatic, technical/engineering, logistics, quality and administrative support primarily to the U.S. Navy. Patrona currently supports or has previously supported, the Naval Sea Systems Command, Industrial Operations Directorate, Undersea Warfare Directorate, Program Executive Officer – Columbia, Program Executive Officer – Submarines, Naval Undersea Warfare Center – Newport, and the Submarine Maintenance, Engineering, Planning and Procurement Activity as either prime or sub-contractor. Patrona headquarters is located at 1220 12th Street SE, Washington, DC, with a field office in Dover, NH.

What services and/or products does your company provide?
Program Management – Patrona Corporation has extensive knowledge and experience assisting clients with the oversight and management of complex programs and projects. Patrona assists our clients by developing system/program policy and governance, plans and tools to identify and control program variances and identifying actions necessary to mitigate cost and schedule risks. Patrona currently provides this level of support and expertise to the Columbia Program (technical/design and logistics offices), the Strategic and Attack Submarine Program Office (monitoring and oversight of Private Shipyard submarine maintenance availability planning and execution) and the naval shipyards through the conduct of “Hot Wash” evaluations to capture lessons learned from the execution of submarine maintenance and overhauls to improve future performance.
Technical/Engineering – Patrona maintains technical and engineering experience and capabilities across a wide variety of marine systems (primarily submarine systems) with specialized in-depth experience in applying Reliability Centered Maintenance techniques to mechanical systems and components, and with the unique technical and safety requirements of Deep Submergence submersibles and manned systems.
Strategic and Operational Planning – Patrona’s talented and knowledgeable workforce includes prior government executives familiar and experienced with leading large organizations, setting strategic and operational goals, developing plans and programs to attain objectives, monitoring progress, identifying opportunities and mitigating risks.
Quality Assurance – Patrona Corporation provides technical, logistics and administrative expertise in support of the Navy’s Special Emphasis Programs, including the SUBSAFE, Deep Submergence Systems Scope of Certification, and Submarine Fly-By-Wire Ship Control System quality programs. Additionally, Patrona’s business and operations policy, processes and procedures are maintained and executed under an approved Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Why do you consider membership in SENEDIA valuable?
Our membership in SENEDIA provides us an excellent opportunity to network with industry and Government partners. This benefit has proven to be valuable to Patrona as we continue to grow our contracts and operations. SENEDIA membership also ensures Patrona is aware of local economic trends and business opportunities. Lastly, SENEDIA, through eCommunication, has provided Patrona with timely and valuable information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling us to develop and coordinate Return To Office plans consistent with our customer’s requirements and local government guidance.

If a company wants to do business with yours, whom should they contact?
John McCullough, Vice President of Business Develop
Phone: (571) 255-4718
Email: [email protected]

Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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