Member Spotlight: Klein – A MIND Technology Business

What is your company’s history?
MIND Technology, via its product line of Klein Sonar Systems, has over 50 years of experience with the development and manufacture of high-performance sonar systems. Our side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide. Our survey products are engineered to yield high quality image reliability and efficient survey productivity. We have successfully produced products that last in this extreme environment yet perform to the highest levels of accuracy. Our engineers employ the latest in electronic and mechanical design techniques whilst maintaining compatibility with industry standard systems.
What services and/or products does your company provide? 
Klein – A MIND Technology Business offers a wide range of sonar sensor technologies.  The System 5900 Multi-Beam Side Scan Sonar represents Klein’s advanced multi-function sonar platform and includes high resolution multi-beam side scan sonar, swath bathymetry sonar, gap filler sonar, and integrated tow body sensor and subsystems. The sonar employs advanced signal processing techniques and superior acoustic design to improve overall along track target resolution. The UUV 3500 side scan and bathymetry sonar is a flexible payload designed to support a broad base of manned and unmanned marine vehicles in numerous off-the-shelf configurations. Depth rated from 600 to 6000 meters, the UUV 3500 utilizes Klein’s proprietary CHIRP wideband technology for unmatched range and resolution delivering superior performance.
Klein has developed a revolutionary, new, patent-pending technology called MA-X that is anticipated to redefine ocean imaging.  Traditional side scan sonar imaging creates a nadir gap in the center of the image. This gap in data requires overlapping survey lines which leads to significant additional survey time to achieve 100% coverage. For the operators of autonomous underwater vehicles (“AUV”), this translates into extended mission duration. Traditional “gap-filler” solutions tend to be expensive or of low image quality. A cost-effective gap-filler solution has long been sought by the industry.  MA-X is essentially the next generation of side scan sonar whose arrays are physically mounted at an angle relative to the towfish or AUV platform. In this way, each narrow fan-beam is oriented at a downward and forward-grazing angle, resulting in an acoustic track over the sea bottom that starts from the port and starboard side and extends diagonally forward across the nadir ahead of the platform. MA-X allows for seamless imaging of the entire swath, including the nadir area. Klein believes this technology will provide unmatched image quality and an estimated 40% increase in the coverage rate and survey efficiency (i.e. fuel, survey time). The immediate benefits to the users of the MA-X technology, both military and commercial, are shorter survey time and more predictable surveys in windows of good weather. For AUV operators, this translates into either longer autonomy or smaller size battery, i.e., lower cost or more payload space. In addition, the MA-X imagery has the same interpretative characteristics as side scan images (grazing angle, shadows) and therefore, no operator re-training is needed.  MA-X-based products will continue to output Klein’s SDF data format and will be compatible with major third-party imaging software applications, including automatic target recognition software. The MA-X technology will be introduced in a variety of Klein products, including both towed systems and payloads for autonomous platforms.
Klein introduced the first Nadir Imaging Sonar for AUV/ROV vehicle manufacturers in an innovative, stand-alone nose cone configuration. The µMA-X is a highly scalable modular component which integrates its custom fit nose cone easily to the current AUV/ROV vehicles. The µMA-X is powered by the Klein BLUE technology providing superior imaging performance with the same interpretation characteristics equal to Side Scan Sonar. The µMA-X can be scaled to accommodate both larger or smaller diameter vehicles. The Klein µMA-X when paired with Side Scan Sonar will provide a 40% increase in survey efficiency, provide complete NADIR coverage and is compatible with ATR systems. The Klein µMA-X delivers efficiencies in survey time, reduced power consumption in a compact, low-power and neutrally buoyant modular system. The µMA-X is easily integrated into any vehicle and includes an Internal Motion Sensor which eliminates the requirement to integrate to the vehicle sensor, providing redundancy.
Klein – A MIND Technology Business will be releasing several new products this summer…..stay tuned!
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Having an advocate like SENEDIA is important for smaller businesses doing business within the defense community. We value the resources available to us, as well as the opportunities to connect with other members. We have utilized the jobs posting resource and have received a tremendous response. We are proud to be a corporate SENEDIA member and appreciate the associated benefits.
If a company wants to do business with yours, whom should they contact?
For Sales related inquires please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at (603) 893-6131. Our product information is available on our website at:


Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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