Member Spotlight: Graphene Composites Limited

What is your company’s history?
Graphene Composites Limited (GC) is a nanomaterials technology company founded in 2016 in the UK and opened their US subsidiary in 2019, based at the CIC center in Providence, Rhode Island. GC is an innovative nanomaterials technology company, driven by an ethos to create life-changing products. Using graphene and other nanomaterials, we produce a range of composites that are amongst the strongest, lightest, most resilient materials ever created. As leaders in our field, we have the ability to combine science, connected applications, and productization rapidly and efficiently, working with key partners and manufacturers to bring products to market.

What services and/or products does your company provide?
Our technology can be applied in a range of different production areas and all products have patents pending.  Application areas include armour, aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy.

Key Product Applications
GC Shield™ technology is a multi-layered graphene/aerogel composite armour that is half the weight of Kevlar, has half the backface deformation, and has been tested up to NIJ Level 3+. It exhibits a unique hypersonic shear thickening effect, meaning the harder it is hit, the harder it becomes. The shield-technology can be applied in many areas where there is a requirement to provide force dispersion and minimize impact damage.

We have also developed a GC heat management technology that not only provides more than double the heat dispersion but can transform the heat into electrical energy, which could be applied to electro-magnetic propulsion systems and missiles.

Recently, we have developed a patent-pending graphene/silver nanoparticle ink formulation designed to kill Coronavirus and most other viruses, including influenza and nearly all bacteria, including MRSA and C. difficile. This formulation can be applied to fabrics, pre-filters, and a wide range of other products serving PPE, sports equipment and filtration systems. The GC Ink is currently undergoing testing at Brown University and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK.

Why do you consider membership in SENEDIA valuable?
SENEDIA can offer opportunities for Graphene Composites USA to provide its innovative technology and creative solutions to SENEDIA member organizations.

If a company wants to do business with yours, whom should they contact?

John R. “J.R.” Pagliarini, President
Graphene Composites USA
Wexford Innovation Center
225 Dyer St.
Providence, RI. 02903
401-443-1592 (office)
401-261-5811 (cell)
[email protected]
Sandy Chen
Graphene Composites
[email protected]
m: +44 7710 537 631

Two Corporate Place
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

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